What do Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowlings, Jim Carrey, Lionel Messi and Lin Manuel Miranda all have in common?

They came from a humble background and dreamed big. These people didn’t inherit huge wealth, or have famous or influential parents. They had a dream. A dream that defined their lives and made it their life’s motto. They then worked hard to achieve their dream. Dreams have taken normal humans to extraordinary heights.

That is what Year 5 has been reflecting on this term. What are their short and long term goals and dreams for the future and how are they going to achieve these goals?  Year 5 were tasked with creating a vision board encapsulating their dreams and goals. It is meant to be a source of motivation and inspire them to work towards a goal and start thinking about their dreams for the future. They then got to share their vision boards with their classmates.