The high potential students from Years 4 and 5 that have been participating in a trial robotics program they had the opportunity to display their work and share their knowledge with the whole school by holding a ‘Robotics Exhibition’.

I enjoyed working with a partner as we learnt and worked together to ‘debug’ our programs and modify them so that Edison would successfully complete the task. I found it interesting that there are many different coding blocks in EdScratch compared to Scratch. This showed me that there are many different programming methods. Joaquin 5W

I enjoyed working with a partner so we could feed off each other’s ideas. I was excited to realise that you can program the Edison Robots many different ways, using EdScratch, barcodes and sensors. You can also control them using remotes, if you program them correctly. For the exhibition Emila (5G)  and I programmed Edison to dance and sing the “Happy Birthday” song and  “This Old Man”. Chloe 5W

For the exhibition we built and programmed Edison to be an all terrain vehicle and travel over rough surfaces and climb ramps. We also really enjoyed the audience reaction when they got to drive it using our remote controls. Elijah and Panayoti (4G)